Pest Management Software


Structural Integrated Pest Management

Run your structural pest with a collection of Maps and Apps. A Complete Business Solution Designed for Structural Pest Control Industry.


Integrated Vector Management

Combat Vector Borne Diseases with a Collection of Maps and Apps. A Complete Business Solution Designed to Manage Vector Borne Diseases.


Integrated Weed Management

A Complete Solution for Population Surveillance, Health Analytics, Notifications, Treatment Planning and Reporting.



Choose the plan and tools right for you and your unlimited users.

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Get to Know ServDay

What It Is

ServDay is the complete solution from 6senseAI Software Systems Inc. to Map and Manage Your Services. Build on a Web Based GIS Platform and Optimized for Mobile Use. Designed for Government, Private Business, and Other Organizations World Wide.

What It Does

Collect and manage pest related data in a map-based program, on any desktop or mobile device, online or offline. Allows real time access to data for unlimited users.


Why You Need It

Save you and your staff time and money with increased efficiency, better communication, and use of real timed data for better decision making. Your company will shine when using the latest in cloud technology focused on pest control.

Amazing Features

  • Manage smart data Geospatially
  • Build Customers Base Through Marketing Blitz
  • Create Estimates, Contracts, Service Tickets & Reports
  • Design Services and Device Layout Maps
  • Ge-coding, Geo-Layers & Geo-Spatial Services

  • Interactive Scheduling & Route Optimization
  • Smart Product warehousing in real time
  • Multi billing and multi service account management
  • Batch Payment and invoices
  • Ge-coding, Geo-Layers & Geo-Spatial Services
  • GPS Enabled Route Tracking
  • Multiple eSignatures - anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Insightful Analytics & Rich Dashboards
  • Automated Work Assignment, attendance and leave management
  • Ge-coding, Geo-Layers & Geo-Spatial Services

Core Functionality

All ServDay applications come with a host of powerful features and tools. Explore the core components of ServDay you will have immediately upon receiving your application.

  • Protected information through Log In
  • Add/Edit Map Points
  • Data Management
  • Export Data
  • Filter Data/Save Templates
  • Geocoding Services
  • Google Street & Satellite View
  • Interactive Map Legend
  • Business Analytics
  • Custom Report Configurations
  • Automatic Work Assignment
  • Rich UI Experience

ServDay available services

Cloud Based

Real time access with secured data storage


No GPS required. Use on any device, online or offline


We will meet your unique needs, need more, we'll build it.


Choose the plan and tools right for you and your unlimited users

If you have questions or need a personalized plan, contact us and we will study your project and offer a customized solution.

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