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Core Functionality

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All ServDay applications come with a host of powerful features and tools. Explore the core components of ServDay you will have access to immediately upon receiving your application.

  • Protected Information Through Log In Authentication
  • Add/Edit Map Points
  • Data Management
  • Export Data
  • Filter Data/Save Templates
  • Geocoding Services
  • Google Street & Satellite View
  • Interactive Map Legend
  • Business Analytics
  • Custom Report Configurations
  • Automatic Work Assignment
  • Rich UI Experience

Explore Core Functionality

Password protected username(s) and login level(s) for your ServDay application. Depending on the login level, the privileges of the accounts may vary.
Quickly add, edit, move and delete data points from your software.
Manage your data tables with ease through a number of different tools that include:
  1. View – allows user to set table views to how they want to see their data organized.
  2. Sort - allows user to sort data in ascending and descending orders.
  3. Edit - allows users to modify existing data.
  4. Archive – allows users to archive the record which can be recovered in the future for later use.
  5. Filter - allows users to sort data according to categories from anywhere from the data table as well as field specific advance search is also possible
  6. Export - allows users to export data in several different formats.
  7. Download Sample Excel - allows users to download a sample excel file which helps user to import data with ease
  8. Import - allows users to import data from an excel file to the ServDay system
Users can export data any time in following formats:
  1. 1. Print - allows user to print data.
  2. 2. Copy - allows user to copy data & paste it in any editor.
  3. 3. Export - allows user to export data in excel file format.
  4. 4. Email - allows user to send data through email as an attachment.
Additionally, by using the Advanced Filter tool, users can print, copy or export the subsets of the data.
Advanced Filter feature is available for searching data by specific fields. It can be used to filter the data down to specified subsets with ease.
Spatial information like City and Address are auto-populated every time you add a new point to the map thanks to the Google geocoding service that ServDay utilizes.
View any account from Google Street View! Limited to areas covered by the service.
Display color-coded data by the number of different fields and conditions. Charts and counts are updated in real time as the new data is added or filters are applied.
Extensive business analytics are provided through visual dashboards.
The Report Configuration Tool is available to fetch the data as per your requirements.
Automatic account assignment to employees who have a lower amount of accounts during a set time period.
A simple and responsive user interface makes ServDay easy to use.

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