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Software Overview

ServDay is a web-browser application in a cloud-based solution designed for pest control inventory and data management. Our software replaces traditional GPS-based inventory software programs. ServDay allows users to utilize add/edit attributes, querying/filtering functions, drawing graphics for data visualization, and summarizing/analyzing data with charts. All of this information can be published to standardized/customized reports with the ability to print/export all the data.
Yes, send us an Access database, SQL file or an Excel Workbook and we will convert your existing inventory into the ServDay Warehouse Module.
ServDay is browser-based, which requires no installation, and can be accessed on any internet capable device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
Our application is highly customizable which enables the ability for our developers to redesign the application for multiple professions - entomologist, health departments, pest control companies and more.
ServDay is primarily a pest management software, however, it also offers other add-on modules. Available additional modules include: Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting, and Warehousing. All of these modules come included in the software.

Technology Overview

Yes, ServDay is currently designed for desktop browsers, tablet devices, and cell phones. Service technicians can use Android or iOS mobile devices for field work.
Yes. This can be done in a few different ways depending on how your website handles embedded links (iFrame, HTML embed).
No, there is no data limit, a level of data use is included in our subscription level pricing. Additional pest data can be purchased.
Mapping features in ServDay do not have to use the GPS of your mobile device. Locations can be placed (drawn) directly onto the map. The underlying streets or imagery base map is designed to ensure the accuracy of locations based on a coordinate system. Not using location services means that ServDay won’t drain the battery of your mobile device! Adding a point to the map auto-populates an x/y coordinate to each Account. However, if you wish to use your device location services, ServDay mapping features are designed to accept location data from your mobile device’s GPS.
User account access in ServDay is designed based on a segregation of duties rule system. Admin users have the ability to specify user groups to enable what modules and fields in the software can be viewed or edited. You may also select the fields that public users/guests (users that are not logged in) can view. This is especially useful in cases where cities or businesses might not want to display certain sensitive information to the public (condition, risk, maintenance needs, etc.).
ServDay will function on any major tablet or browser with an internet connection. The most stable and thoroughly tested platform (used daily by our staff) is Google Chrome and either an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Data Management

Yes. Excel file import is required for a viable upload.
Field changes can be made to ServDay software, but are at the discretion of our software development team and additional fees may apply. We recommend that you choose from our large list of default fields when starting a new inventory. We are able to keep all or most of your existing data types. Certain customized fields will cost an additional one-time fee (see pricing page).
Several imagery providers are present within ServDay such as: Google and Open Street Map. These sources can be changed from satellite imagery to roads or elevational maps if needed. If you have your own imagery, we can host it on our server and display it in your ServDay app. ServDay can also display imagery and other layers stored as REST endpoints or other web services. (See pricing or call for a quote).
Yes, at any time you can use the button export to extract a copy of your data in Excel format. When a subscription ends, we will send your data to you and deactivate your ServDay application.
You can upload existing data in the following file formats: Excel, KML and GEOJSON (for map related data). If you have an SQL file for your data, our team can help you to upload the SQL file to ServDay. Any additional options can be explored by our team.


You can edit any map point at any time by clicking on it (while logged in), clicking Details, and changing the site (account) properties. You can also use the Move tool to move any points that may have been placed on the wrong location. A tool called Mass Update is also available to admin level users. This tool can change the features of multiple points at once.
Yes, you can view more than one accounts details in tabular form. We recommend using the Data Table as a more effective way to view the data of multiple account's.
After clicking the “Reports” button in the upper-left, you will find the By The Numbers section as well as many different reports, charts and graphs broken up into sections. These charts can be viewed as pie charts, bar charts, or tabular data and can be exported as a PDF file by clicking the wrench button in the bottom corner of the chart. You can also export a formatted report with your choice of charts/graphs in the "Print Report" tab.
Yes, new functionality is being developed on a daily basis. Each new application will be posted with the newest code base at the time.
Yes, please contact us to discuss your needs for a custom quote. We provide statewide applications down to HOA’s and neighborhoods with custom calculations and layers.


We cover the cost required for hosting, security, software architecture, data management, customer service and application maintenance.
We offer three customizable ServDay subscription levels: Structural, Lawn, and Vector control. Each can be purchased from a one-year to five-year subscription.
We offer a variety of add-on modules to help customize each application to the client's individual needs.
Checks can be sent to 6SenseAI Software Systems Inc. and is the preferred method. We also have a PayPal account, but an additional processing fee is added to payments of this type. Checks should be sent to the following address: 1315 Hearst Dr. Pleasanton Ca 94565 USA.

Platform, Security, Privacy

Our software products are all subscription-based SaaS.
The software platform in hosted on our own network servers on the Amazon cloud (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
Our software products and our other APIs and service run over HTTPS (SSL/TLS).
Data is stored in our cloud servers. Our developers and other technical employees have direct access to your data - otherwise access is restricted in the app through user group levels.
Your website data is backed up daily and our app is encrypted with HTTPS.
We monitor our systems, log activity, and regularly update our system with security patches.
Our site uses cookies as part of our login system to allow you to remain logged in between sessions.
We track when users log-in and record their IP address for the purpose of troubleshooting issues.
We presently take the system offline every day for about 10 minutes for maintenance at 4am PST.
Support requests are entered in a tracking system and handled as soon as possible based on priority. Many issues and bugs are addresses immediately. Any issues we cannot immediately resolve, ServDay Customer Service will respond with an estimated timeline and updates.
Support by email and phone is available 24/7.
Different login levels can be created to allow access to different data and functionality in the application. These login levels are managed by users that are setup as administrators.

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