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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Our full-featured vehicle tracking solutions highlight vehicle tracking devices that are designed for covert installation in any vehicles for on-road tracking. Using superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS, CalAmp’s vehicle tracking devices are easy to install, economically priced while providing reliable vehicle tracking performance and a dependable communication link between the vehicle tracking device and your application servers

Fleet Management

Maximize productivity, improve driver safety and better manage your mobile workforce with our industry-leading commercial fleet management solution. ServDay’s fleet management solution provides best in-class GPS fleet tracking for commercial vehicles and vehicle fleet management.


  • Optimize fleet tracking and asset usage
  • Manage vehicle maintenance
  • Connect mobile workforces
  • Improve communications and driver safety
  • Maintain compliance with government mandates

Markets Served

  • Fleet Owners
  • Fleet Operators
  • Commercial Trucking
  • Private Trucking Companies

Functions And Features

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS, BLE or RFID which broadcast their location. These technologies can also be used for indoor tracking of persons wearing a tag

Assets may also be tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS system and mobile phone and/or satellite phone technology. Such devices are known as GPS asset trackers and are different from other GPS tracking units in that they rely on an internal battery for power rather than being hard-wired to a vehicle's battery. The frequency with which the position of the device must be known or available dictates the quality, size or type of GPS asset tracker required.

Alert and Notication

For example, as a fleet supervisor, you need to monitor drivers for excessive lunch breaks. You have set a Long Stop alert for any stop greater than 35 minutes; however, you do not want this alert to trigger all day because your drivers have jobs that do require stops longer than 35 minutes to complete. You can set each alert notification filter, Monday – Friday from 11 AM- 1 PM. You will only receive the alert notification if a vehicle stops for longer than 35 minutes during the specified days and time frames.

Scheduled Reporting

  • Geofence Transition Report
  • Driver Payroll Report
  • Delivery Compliance
  • GPS Trails Report
  • IFTA Report
  • Device Uptime Report
  • Vehicle Halts Report
  • Events Report
  • Orders Report
  • Last Status Report

Software Overview

ServDay GPS tracking is a web-browser application in a cloud-based solution designed for pest control inventory and data management. Our software replaces traditional GPS-based inventory software programs. ServDay GPS tracking allows users to utilize add/edit attributes, querying/filtering functions, drawing graphics for data visualization, and summarizing/analyzing data with charts. All of this information can be published to standardized/customized reports with the ability to print/export all the data.
Yes, send us an Access database, SQL file or an Excel Workbook and we will convert your existing inventory into the ServDay GPS tracking Warehouse Module.
ServDay GPS tracking is browser-based, which requires no installation, and can be accessed on any internet capable device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
Our application is highly customizable which enables the ability for our developers to redesign the application for multiple professions - entomologist, health departments, pest control companies and more.
ServDay GPS tracking is primarily a pest management software, however, it also offers other add-on modules. Available additional modules include: Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting, and Warehousing. All of these modules come included in the software.

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